Course curriculum

  • 1
    Part 1
    • Introduction
    • What is a Health Coach?
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Managing Expectations
    • Week 1 Quiz
  • 2
    Part 2
    • Non-Violent Communication
    • The Client as the Expert
    • When to Intervene
    • Down to the Root
    • The Power of Client Expertise
    • Week 2 Quiz
  • 3
    Part 3
    • Meeting the Client Where They Are
    • Using a 1-10 Scale
    • How to Utilize a Health Coach
    • The Health Coach Advantage
    • Do Trainers Already Do This?
    • Week 3 Quiz
  • 4
    Part 4
    • Support System
    • What if They Are Not Ready for Change?
    • How is This Different From Psychology?
    • Remote Health Coaching
    • Where Can We Learn More?
    • Where Can We Find You?
    • Week 4 Quiz
    • Report CEUs

The Client is the Expert

One of the most clever and well-constructed conecepts within the health coaching model. Learn about why the client has to be considered the expert if we are trying to create lasting change.
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The Client is the Expert

Get Down to the Root of the Problem

Truly getting down to the root of the problem is not easy. You have to be smart about your process and thorough with you preparation. Health coaching revolves around doing both.
Get Down to the Root of the Problem