Course curriculum

  • 1
    Landing and Deceleration
    • 4A Health x TD Athlete's Edge
    • Intro to Deceleration and Landing
    • Deceleration and Landing Application
  • 2
    Training the Calf
    • Training the Calf
    • Why Tim Does Calf Raises
    • Week 1 Quiz
  • 3
    Cueing a Trap Bar Deadlift
    • Final. Cueing the Trap Bar Deadlift
    • BONUS: Frontal Plane Split Squat
  • 4
    Coaching a Trap Bar Deadlift
    • Coaching a Trap Bar Deadlift
    • Week 2 Quiz
  • 5
    Making the NBA
    • Sean's Recommendations
    • Tim's Path to NBA and Recommendations
    • Week 3 Quiz
  • 6
    Building Strength
    • Building Strength as a Corrective
    • TD on Building Strength
    • BONUS: Transverse Plane Split Squat
  • 7
    How To Build a Successful Fitness Business
    • Sean's Thoughts on Building a Successful Fitness Business
    • Tim's Keys to Running a Great Business
    • Week 4 Quiz
    • Report CEUs

Tim DiFrancesco

President and Founder

Tim was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for six seasons prior to opening up TD Athlete's Edge in Salem, Massachusetts. Tim is one of the most effective Strength Coaches in the industry and he shares some of his insider secrets with the 4A Health Club this month.
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Tim DiFrancesco

Matthew Ibrahim

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Matthew is the lead Strength Coach at TD Athlete's Edge and one of the finest true strength coaches in the business. This month, Matthew teaches us about the trap bar deadlift as well as deceleration and landing mechanics.
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Matthew Ibrahim